Orange County Youth Football League




The name of this organization shall be the Orange County Youth Football League ("OCYFL").


The purposes for which this organization was formed:

  1. To promote, aid and provide financial contributions, fees, services, and qualified volunteers (by way of collecting contributions, fees, and donating same) to the OCYFL to conduct Youth football league and cheerleading operations for youth ages 6-14.
  2. This organization was formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or any of the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Laws).
  3. No part of the earnings of this corporation shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, directors, officers, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, etc.; or (b) by a corporation to which contributions are deductible under Section 170(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
  4. Any dissolution of this corporation shall be done in accordance with New York State Non-for-Profit Corporation Law (AN-PCL@).
  5. These by-laws are subject to, and governed by, the N-PCL and the Articles of Incorporation of the league. In the event of a direct conflict between the provisions of these by-laws and the mandatory provisions of the N-PCL, the N-PCL will be controlling. In the event of a direct conflict between the provisions of these by-laws and the Articles of Incorporation, these by-laws will be controlling.

Article I.   Organization

This organization shall be known as the Orange County Youth Football League (AOCYFL@).

Article II.   League Objectives

The objective of the OCYFL shall be to impart firmly in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority so that they may be stronger and happier youth that may grow to be decent, healthy, trustworthy citizens.

To achieve this objective, the OCYFL will provide a supervised program of competitive football games under the rules and regulations mandated by the Orange County Youth Football League. OCYFL Executive Board members, member town Presidents and Vice Presidents, and other volunteers shall bear in mind that stressing exceptional skills for winning games is secondary to the objectives of this league, and the good sportsmanship and leadership extend to the youth of our community, is of the utmost importance.

Article III.   Membership

Membership shall consist of the following:

  1. Player/cheerleader members: Shall consist of any boy or girl meeting the requirements set forth by the OCYFL according to the current town's rules and regulations;
  2. Executive Board Members: Shall consist of the offices of President, Vice President, Commissioners (3), Treasurer and Secretary of the OCYFL, as such, the Executive Board consists of these seven positions;
  3. Board of Directors: Shall consist of the Town Presidents and Vice Presidents;
  4. Volunteers: Shall consist of Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and other elected or appointed officials that serve in individual member town leagues that make up the OCYFL.
  5. Member or Participating Town: A town, village, hamlet or league of player/cheerleader members and volunteers that agree to join the OCYFL.

Article IV.   Membership Meetings

Membership meetings will held the fourth Wednesday of each month at a time and place discussed at the previous meeting. No new proposals shall be introduced after 10:00 pm at any of these meetings unless absolutely necessary. The December membership meeting will be for the election of Executive Board Members and the relating of any required annual reports. All elections will be held and executed upon a majority vote by the Board of Directors present with one vote to be cast per town by that town's President, or in his absence, Vice President, or in both of their absences, a designated league officer from that individual town.

Article V.   Executive Board

The Executive Board of the OCYFL shall consist of the offices of President, Vice President, Commissioners (three (3) positions), Treasurer, and Secretary.

Duties of Executive Board Members:

The President shall
  1. act as the Chief Executive Officer of the OCYFL;
  2. preside at all meetings of the OCYFL;
  3. make appointments as prescribed in these by-laws;
  4. act as an ex officio member of all committees;
  5. serve as a trustee of the League;
  6. audit the Treasurer's books quarterly; and
  7. co-sign and negotiate checks as necessary.
The Vice President shall
  1. preside at all OCYFL meetings in the absence of the President;
  2. carry out all duties assigned by the President;
  3. serve as a trustee of the League;
  4. audit the Treasurer's books quarterly;
  5. co-sign all checks as necessary;
  6. act as the League President in the absence of the President and govern as necessary;
  7. oversee, assign, maintain and control a background check process and coaches training program to be administered upon all member towns.
The Commissioners shall
  1. attend, supervise and govern all league functions as necessary;
  2. record attendance at all league functions as necessary;
  3. rule on situations brought by the Executive Board for arbitrary and decisive action dealing with game circumstances and league operations;
  4. perform any other duties as requested by the Executive Board;
  5. be responsible for safety policies and procedures as they relate to football and cheer operations;
  6. be responsible for team roster compliance, player eligibility and roster books of all member Towns;
  7. serve as trustees of the league.
The Treasurer shall
  1. keep accurate financial records of all league finances;
  2. collect and distribute funds as directed by the Executive Board;
  3. give a detailed accurate report of income and disbursements monthly;
  4. supply all necessary records so that audits may be conducted;
  5. have books available at all meetings for a review or as requested by the Executive Board;
  6. co-sign all checks and file necessary tax returns;
  7. serve as a trustee of the league.
The Secretary shall
  1. keep the official minutes of all regular and special meetings;
  2. maintain a copy of minutes of all meetings for two years;
  3. make available a copy of current and previous years= minutes as required;
  4. record attendance at all meetings, work sessions and events;
  5. maintain an up to date copy of all by-laws, including amendments;
  6. provide a copy of any amendments to the by-laws to any board members requesting it;
  7. maintain a list of all current Presidents and Vice-Presidents, as well as necessary contact information for these individuals;
  8. be the official handler of all correspondence that comes into and out of the league, and a copy shall be sent to the individual town presidents and vice-presidents as requested by the Executive Board;
  9. serve as a trustee of the league.
The Board of Directors shall
  1. consist of the individual member town Presidents and Vice-Presidents as elected or appointed by the individual member towns that participate in the OCYFL.

Article VI.   Committees and Appointments

Committees will be appointed by the President as is necessary and usual and may consist of any members of the Executive Board, member town Presidents, Vice Presidents or any other volunteers as deemed necessary. Nothing herein will prevent a paid professional such as an accountant, attorney, or paid consultant from serving on a committee.

Article VII.   Nomination and Election of Officers of the Executive Board

  1. respective Executive Board members shall be not less than 18 years of age;
  2. they shall take office at the next official meeting following their election;
  3. all Executive Board members shall pass a criminal background check once every two years;
  4. nominations for Executive Board members shall occur no earlier than November and no later than the December board meeting;
  5. when the nomination process is complete, elections shall be held at the December meeting, and shall occur by a simple majority vote of all member town Presidents or their delegates present at that meeting;
  6. in no event will any town cast more than one vote for any one position on the Executive Board.
  7. any vacancy within the Executive Board shall be filled by an appointment of the President, if the presidency is vacated, the Vice President shall assume the office of President and an election shall then be held at the next regular meeting for the office of Vice President;
  8. any appointed person will serve in any Executive Board position until the next election cycle;
  9. all Executive Board members and volunteers and committee persons will serve one (1) year terms in their respective positions.

Article VIII.   Town Participants/Members

Each member town who participates in the OCYFL will have its own separate and distinct governing body that will further the objectives of that individual member town. Each individual member town will be responsible for handling all matters within their town, including the disciplining of coaches, players, parents and volunteers, and overseeing all aspects of fundraising activities and monetary expenditures which relate to their individual town. Each individual member town will be responsible for the selection of a President and Vice President who will act as a liaison and serve on the Board of Directors of the OCYFL. Individual town Presidents and Vice Presidents will be responsible for providing input and guidance to the OCYFL Executive Board in matters concerning the governance of the league, as well as football and cheer operations of the OCYFL. The primary responsibility of the individual town Presidents, or in their absence, the town's Vice President, or in their absence, any other person delegated by the individual participating towns, is to see that a vote is cast for each of the Executive Board positions noted above at the December elections of the Executive Board members. Furthermore, town Presidents and Vice Presidents, or their delegates, are responsible to see that annual playing rules related to football and cheer operations are established and passed for enforcement by the Executive Board in accordance with Article XV. Additionally, town Presidents and Vice Presidents are responsible for providing guidance to the OCYFL on fiscal matters that affect the league.

Article IX.   OCYFL's Ability to Discipline Volunteers

The Executive Board of the OCYFL reserves the right to discipline any Executive Board member, Board of Directors member, Town President, Town Vice President or any head coach or assistant or volunteer that is a member of any participating member town youth football league program if there is a violation of New York State Athletic Association or Orange County Youth Football League rule or directive. Under normal football and cheer operations, the Executive Board of the OCYFL will defer the discipline of volunteers to the individual town that the volunteer participates in. However, when circumstances occur that reflect derogatorily on the OCYFL as a whole, or the actions of certain volunteers of the participant's town are so severe that they set poor examples of league operations, sportsmanship, or character, the Executive Board may discipline in the following manner:

  1. a written warning;
  2. game or games suspensions, including practices;
  3. termination;
  4. public or private censure;
  5. issue a monetary fine not to exceed $100.00;
  6. any combination of the above.
In any circumstance where the OCYFL Executive Board plans to render discipline, the subject individual(s) shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at the next regular meeting following the complained-of action, and shall be afforded the opportunity to explain or defend their actions. Upon hearing from all necessary parties relating to, or witnessing the complained-of event, the Executive Board shall render a final decision after consultation and debate with all members on the Executive Board as to what disciplinary action should be administered for a particular violation. A violation may consist of malfeasance or non-feasance, a failure to perform assigned duties, or a failure to attend necessary meetings or events. In all circumstances, decisions relating to the discipline of volunteers by the OCYFL Executive Board are final and binding upon the member towns and individual(s) as a result of a town=s participation in the OCYFL.

Article X.   Powers Not Specified

Any situation or circumstance not covered by these By-Laws may be addressed by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. Procedurally, Roberts Rules of Order, 11th Edition, will govern the meeting procedure, and agenda, where not specifically addressed in these by-laws. A standard meeting agenda is attached to these by-laws.

Article XI.   Action without Meeting

Action taken by a majority of the Executive Board or members of a Committee without a meeting is nevertheless Executive Board or Committee action if, and only if, written consent to the action is obtained and filed at the regular or special meeting, noting the specifics of the action and the vote of each member.

Article XII.   Money and Finances

  1. The Executive Board may authorize any officer of this league to enter into contracts on behalf of the league pending final approval by the Executive Board.
  2. The Board of Directors must approve expenditures exceeding $500 by a majority vote. Expenditures less than $500 may be approved by the President as needed when time is of the essence. These minor expenses should relate to down payments, advertising and specific needs for approved events or games and/or office supplies.
  3. complete yearly audit must be obtained and approved by three (3) Executive Board members. The audit will be done at or before the December meeting thereby providing cleared and approved books for the incoming Treasurer. Each audit shall be kept on file for a minimum of three (3) years.
  4. All monies obtained, collected, or raised by the OCYFL must be accounted for and deposited in the general league account within thirty (30) days following the event, game or activity that produced the proceeds.
  5. All monies must be deposited at a bank within New York State.

Article XIII.   Legal and Accounting Advice

Generally, legal and accounting advice should be sought as needed. The OCYFL should seek advice from members who possess these necessary skills to avoid unnecessary costs, however, when needed, these services may be obtained in the same fashion as any other purchase that would be needed for regular league operations. The league may appoint legal counsel and accounting services on a yearly basis to provide advice as needed.

Article XIV.   Procedures and Amendment of By-Laws

  1. The OCYFL By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered, in whole or in part, by a majority vote of the Board of Directors present on the night or day the By-Law change is to be voted on.
  2. All changes to these By-Laws must be presented, in writing, one month in advance at the monthly meeting. The proposed changes must be read and noted in the minutes of the monthly meeting preceding the proposed changes.

Article XV.   Annual Playing Rules and Regulations

The annual playing rules and regulations that govern all aspects of football and cheer operations shall be revised annually on or before the March meeting. The rules and regulations governing all aspects of football and cheer operations shall be determined by the Board of Directors consisting of the participating town Presidents and Vice Presidents. Voting shall be limited to one vote per town, and will be determined by simple majority vote of all Towns present at the meeting. All requested changes are required to be submitted in writing or via email to all member towns, prior to the league vote, or March meeting, whichever is later. Playing rules shall be in effect for one (1) year.

Article XVI.   Insurance, Safety and General Welfare

  1. Every playing year, it shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board of the OCYFL to obtain and provide liability, as well as accident and injury insurance for the football players, cheerleaders and volunteers who are part of the member towns of the OCYFL.
  2. The Executive Board reserves the absolute right in any circumstance to make rulings regarding the safety and general welfare of players, cheerleaders and volunteers when it relates to football and cheer operations. The Executive Board may at any time cancel, move, reschedule, or disallow a league function from occurring by simple notice to the participating town's President or Vice President. All football and cheerleading functions relating to player, cheerleader and volunteer activities must be scheduled and approved by the Executive Board of the OCYFL, or when time is of the essence, the President of the OCYFL.
  3. Insurance fees are collectable and due from the member towns to the OCYFL by July 20th of each year.

Article XVII.   The Membership Fees and Association

The Executive Board shall set the town entry fee for the member towns by March 1st of each year, collectable by June 15th.

Article XVIII.   Attendance

The Executive Board of the OCYFL requires mandatory attendance of member town’s Presidents and/or Vice Presidents, or in their absence, a person delegated by the member town at all regular meetings. A town's failure to attend a regular meeting shall result in a monetary fine being assessed to that town. An absence may be excused if advance notice is provided to an Executive Board member at least 72 hours before the meeting. If exceptional circumstances occur that prohibit notice, and a reasonable explanation exists for the absence, the assessment may be waived by the Commissioners.

Date of First Reading: __January 22, 2012___________
Date of Passage: _February 22, 2012 ________________ In favor: _11
Oppose: _3


Town Endorsements:
Chester___ Yes______________ Port Jervis_ Yes______________
Cornwall_ Yes____________ Wallkill___ Yes______________
Goshen___ No_______________ Warwick_ Not Present____________
Highland Falls_ _Yes___________ Valley Central__ Yes__________
Marlboro__ Yes_________________ Washingtonville_ Yes________
Middletown _Not present________
Monticello_ Yes_________________
Newburg__ Yes________________
New Windsor___ Yes_____________
Pine Bush__ __No______________


Dated:_ February 22, 2012______________ Goshen, New York

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Welcoming and Executive Board Comments

III. Committee Reports including Treasurers Report

IV Old Business

V. New Business

VI. Board of Directors - Town President and Vice President Comments and Discussion

VII. Closing Executive Board Remarks

VIII. Adjournment and Setting of New Meeting

Revised 2013
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