Playoff Format
Eight teams from each division make playoffs.

All conferences will play a single elimination format tournament.

All games are played at the site of the higher seed. If there is a tie for seeding, a coin flip will have determined the higher seed before the tournament has begun.

In divisions one and two and three the top four teams from each conference will qualify.

The first round of playoffs in divisions one and two and three will be played within conference. The number one seeds will play the number four seeds in one quarterfinal while the two seeds play the three seeds. In the semi-finals we will play cross conference with the winner of the one/four game playing the winner of the two/three game in each conference. The winners of the two semi-final games will play for the division championship.

Tie Breakers are as follows
1 - Overall Record
2 - Head to Head
3 - Flip of the Coin (for playoff seeding only)
If two or more teams are tied for the final playoff spot in a division or conference then a tie breaking game will be played to determine which teams will make the playoffs.

The game will be two (2) six minute halves with a two minute halftime. There will be a coin flip to start the game and a change of posession at the beginning of the second half. It will be the same rules as a regular game. If more than two teams are tiedfor a final playoff spot, a round robin will be held with this same twelve minute game format. The game will be held at a field of the OCYFL's Choice .

The OCYFL is a competitive league that stresses sportsmanship and fair play. To further our goals in this area we will NEVER use points for or points against as a determining factor of whether or not a team will qualify for playoffs.

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